Janiel Mikel, LMT, Deep Feet Certified

Janiel has been doing massage for over 16 years. She is classically trained in Swedish, Deep-Tissue and Sports massage, where she has been fortunate enough to have worked with several athletes in the NFL, NBA, and MLB. However, now she is turning her passion for massage by practicing a newer modality called Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, or AOBT for short. She became certified through the creator of AOBT, Ruthie Hardee’s school of Deep Feet Therapy. Janiel has found that she is able to help clients relax with more definitive and immediate results. 

The word Ashiatsu can be broken down as follows: “Ashi” means ‘feet” and “atsu” means “pressure”. Ashiatsu is performed with the therapist’s bare feet (in lieu of using hands) and the therapist performs the massage by standing on the table and uses parallel bars above their head for support. The therapist’s foot glides slowly across the client’s body, and delivers deep-tissue pressure by using their own body weight in order to control the depth and pressure of each stroke. 

Ashi can relieve chronic muscle spasms, opens the intervertebral foramen, and helps to elongate the spine by bringing more freshly oxygenated blood to the muscles. It also enhances lymph drainage to expel the body’s natural toxins thus, creating maximum tension relief and relaxation. 

Just some of the benefits of Ashiatsu massage are:

The broad surface of the therapist’s feet enables you to relax more quickly.

The natural gravity of the therapist’s body being above table level allows for the pressure to be deeper and more comfortable, yet less invasive than regular deep tissue where the therapist uses bony prominences like elbows and thumbs to dig deeper.

Less soreness results than with typical deep neuromuscular work.

Ashiatsu is no “ordinary” massage. Janiel allows you to flow into your Ashi massage with the sounds of Blues, Jazz, Rock or any music of your preference! This is a non-traditional massage that leaves you feeling a sense of rejuvenation and relief. Come try one soon and experience the most luxurious deep tissue massage yet!

Hours of operation:

Tues  11:30am-5:30pm

Wed   11:30am-1:30pm

Thurs evenings by appointment only

Fri       9:00am-5:00pm

Sat      9:30am-5:00pm (or later by appointment only)

*specializing in Ashi, but Swedish, Deep, and Pre-Natal massages are still welcomed!!