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5 star review for helping me conceive

After trying for a year to conceive, one month of acupuncture blessed us with a little man. I was highly recommended to Meredith after my sister had a very similar experience and also got pregnant after a month with Meredith. Can’t say enough great things about her!!… Read the rest

Leg Pain is GONE!

I went to Meredith for severe leg pains that I’ve suffered with for over 10 yrs. It affected my performance on the treadmill and kept me awake every night. After 3 treatments, I was pain free and back to running as well as sleeping much better.… Read the rest

Acupuncture for all conditions

Meredith has helped me with acupuncture for many issues over the years. Including wrist pain, stress reduction, labor induction and most important balancing my body and hormones after the births and breastfeeding of my children. Meredith is not only a great acupuncturist, but a great person and easy to talk to.… Read the rest

Great Acupuncturist

Meredith is the only acupuncturist that I trust. She is one of the few that have high level certifications and licenses in the area as well as having a masters in acupunture. While also researching for acupuncturist, I made sure she did not do any wierd buddha?… Read the rest

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