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Great Acupuncturist

Meredith is the only acupuncturist that I trust. She is one of the few that have high level certifications and licenses in the area as well as having a masters in acupunture. While also researching for acupuncturist, I made sure she did not do any wierd buddha? chants on her clients (I don’t like it when people bring that in (ie. I experienced that once with a yoga instructor, etc) . I initially went to her for my digestive issues and to hopefully spruce up my fertility in 2006. I got pregnant with my first 6 months afterwards, was less anxious as well as had less bloating. I thank God for that and for finding Meredith. I also went to Meredith during my pregnancy with my second in 2011 to help with my anxiety levels due to my job. It says a lot for me that I would allow acupuncture being pregnant. I highly recommend her and can’t wait to go back in the future when time allows as well as finances. Lastly, some people are always worried about the needles. She is is very clean and they did not bother me. It was so worth the calm feeling I had after a treatment.



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