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After a session, I was hooked!

In addition to the great results I was getting from acupuncture, Meredith told me about how massage treatments could help with my chronic pain problems and my fibromyalgia. I met with the massage therapist and she explained the concept around myofacial massage. I had never heard of it, and at the time, I was going to a massage therapist who was doing some deep tissue massage work. However, after a session, I was hooked! At first, it was tough, but it all made sense. My neck, shoulders and back were in knots. Her job was to get them out! It’s as simple as that. And it WORKS!! It has been going great ever since my first session! I wish I would have found The Healing Point a year and a half ago, at the time of my accident. She could have saved me so much money going through the traditional medical treatment route. I think she could have healed me and my pain wouldn’t have turned into a chronic situation if I would have found her earlier. The combination of massage and acupuncture has made such a big difference in how I feel. Also, a Bach therapy remedy was recommended to help calm all the stress I was under. It was great to find more natural alternatives to managing stress other than pills. I highly recommend The Haling Point and that you give them a try. I call them “my dream team”.

Diana F.

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