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Acupunture has affected my life in such a positive way

” I had been suffering with infertility for 5 years and it was getting the best of me. A year ago my husband and I started fertility treatments, which were all unsuccessful and unexplained. I was referred to Meredith by my fertility specialist. I was told that acupuncture could possibly increase my chance of conceiving. If it were not for my fear of needles, I probably would have called her that same day. It wasn’t until we decided to go ahead with IVF, that I rang her. She helped ease my fear of needles right away. Acupunture has affected my life in such a positive way. I tend to be a person who internalizes stress. My stress would melt away after her treatments. The relaxation points and fertility points were very helpful in going through IVF. I felt stronger and more balanced. IVF was a success and I am currently expecting twins. I believe it was with Meredith Murphy’s excellent technique and experience that truly helped my body to concieve”.

Thank you so much!!!

Nyssa C.

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