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We really enjoyed Meredith’s laid-back attitude and great sense of humour!

“I landed at The Natural Fertility Center for help with fertility issues. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for nearly three years, to no avail. The cause wasn’t readily apparent; my husband and I both had borderline issues. We were seeing a reproductive endocrinologist (fertility specialist), and had done three unsuccessful IUIs (intrauterine inseminations) with Clomid. Rather than try IUI with injectibles, we decided we’d jump right into IVF (in-vitro fertilization) – but not without trying some alternative methods, first; IVF would be our last resort. We both took a variety of vitamins and supplements, sought help from a chiropractor, had psychic readings and healings, and did a lot of praying, and we still weren’t pregnant. I’d read some convincing information on the internet about acupuncture for fertility, and came upon Meredith’s website. Since she seemed to specialize in fertility-related acupuncture at the time, I figured I had nothing to lose – and potentially a lot to gain! Meredith treated me repeatedly over a three month period, and yet I still did not conceive. My husband was willing to try acupuncture, too, and found it terrifically relaxing – and yet we still did not conceive. The time came that we felt it necessary to pull out the big guns. We scheduled our first IVF treatment for January 2006. Meredith treated me a few times before the egg retrieval, and again before the transfer – I was all in favour of anything that might help the IVF “stick.” Well, here we are, eleven months later: my husband and I are blessed with a son, Zachary. We can’t know for sure whether the acupuncture did the trick, and I’m not sure I’d want to try again without it. If nothing else, we really enjoyed Meredith’s laid-back attitude and great sense of humour! Thanks, Meredith.”

Jenn B.
East Norriton, PA

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