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You won’t regret it!

Migraines. Stress. Migraines. Fatigue. Migraines. Just about every single day I experienced these issues, often to debilitating extents. And I’d tried everything from counseling to massage to pills, but none of it worked. When I finally got tired of feeling like a pharmacy I took a good look at my needle-phobic self and decided “What the heck?”, it definitely can’t be any worse and scanned the phone book and web for acupuncturists in my area. I called a couple but just didn’t click with them, until I reached Meredith. She was casual about it all, but obviously knowledgeable, so I made my appointment. It wasn’t an overnight cure, but what true remedy is? By the time she was done, my headaches had been reduced by about 80% – not bad for working in one of the most stressful jobs and negative environments I’ve ever had! There were days when I walked in cringing and left smiling. Even if the pain wasn’t completely gone, it was manageable and the experience so soothing I couldn’t help but feel better. And honestly, Meredith cracked me up. After all, how many doctors or therapists have you ever heard say “Ooooh yeeaahh” when you asked them if that particular point or treatment would hurt?? But Meredith did, and after that hand clench and “Ouch!” I could never help but laugh when she said “See? Told you!”. But don;t get me wrong, acupuncture overall is relatively painless – and frankly, I always found the points that hurt the most were the ones that needed treatment the most and felt the most well afterwards. And there was absolutely NOTHING like lying there feeling whatever pain there was at the pinpoint, along with the tension and aching, then going away feeling the swirls of energy as they went through my system, feeling rejuvenated, comforted and soothed. I kid you not. It was wild.

I also got pregnant with Meredith’s help. When my husband and I decided to try she started doing fertility points for me. I was pregnant in 2 months. Granted, I was healthy, but I was 33 and under enormous amounts of stress (did I mention my absolutely wicked boss and miserable job?), and am convinced the acupuncture helped prompt my system conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy. But treatments didn’t stop once we succeeded. There was nausea to deal with and feeling tired all the time and worrying whether everything would work out all right. She had points for it all. And that one on the very top of my head – that was awesome. Feel-good central! Later on, there were also mornings I would wake up and could barely walk for my daughter’s positioning (she LOVED to press her feet up against my spine). Multiple hot showers and massages later, I was rarely much better. Until I went in. Meredith was excellent at fitting me in those days and I always left pain-free. And I mean completely, absolutely, 100% pain-free!

I can honestly say, without hesitation or reservation, that if I still lived in the area, I would still be seeing Meredith for treatment. Even though all is well, I am a definite believer that acupuncture can only make things better. Seems the Orient has had it right all along!

Make your appointment! Come in! For those budget-consciousness like me, please believe me when I say it is worth every penny and is one of the best investments you could make. You won’t regret it!


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